UX & UI for Responsible Gambling App

A gambling app I worked on is aiming to solve users’ problems with gambling addiction, by giving them tools to control it. It allows users to set timers for money and time spent on the game. They can find a professional help of a therapist, or join chats where they can talk about their problems with others. Gambling is a serious issue, that negatively affects people’s lives. Our app allows users to switch gambling into investing and saving money habits.

The Atlas 21 Brand Identity

The independent portal ATLAS 21 was established in October 2020 in response to the COVID-19 pandemic and its effects on the situation in the Czech Republic.

Brand Identity for Polabský Grunt

Few years ago a czech textile decoration technique “blueprint” became a part of an UNESCO heritage program. To connect GRUNT to this heritage we made a set of different blueprint patterns to use on their packaging.