Vision4AI Visuals & Website

Vision4AI is a joint project of several European AI networks. It connects the best organisations and researchers with the goal of making the future of AI the future of humanity.

Europe takes a human-centred, ethical and reliable approach to AI. To make showcase the advantages of AI to the general public, I created design assets with an emphasis on safety, technology, nature, and humankind.


— Typography & Color
— Brand Guidelines
— UX and UI
— Social Media Templates

Logo Animation

Vision4AI is notably active in online conferences. Hence, I created a custom animation of the Vision4AI logo which can be used for promotional purposes. The logo animation helps to increase memorability, and brand awareness of the project.


Vision4AI typography

To give the project a modern bold voice, I chose a font created by Google – Rubik. I liked how it looks in both small and big sizes. The soft edges make the overall design look very warm and safe.


Vision4AI color spectrum

The Vision4AI color palette is based on colors of the logo. I used the color spectrum in animation, websites and social media of the project.

Photo assets

The Vision4AI colors are also used as an image gradient. That way, they are consistent with the brand and easier to use with texts. To make the community aspect more apparent I created a library of photos that contain logo elements – circles.

Web Design

Social Media Examples

Vision4AI Social media example
Vision4AI Social media example