The Bestaudio representative website

Duration: Aug 2022 – Nov 2022

Client: Bestaudio

Bestaudio is a group of young hi-fi enthusiasts. Their work is their passion and they achieve great results thanks to the implementation of first-class assembly at the world level. Together with Reveal we designed & developed a responsive representative website promoting Bestaudio services and their team.


  • Research
  • Wireframes
  • Prototypes (Lo-Fi & Hi-Fi)
  • UI Design

Aug 2022 – Nov 2023

To indicate the sound waves and luxurious detailing I chose a loud typography and subtle background images. The final design contains motion graphics inspired by sound tech.

The Problem

  • The Bestaudio company is presented only by an E-shop on a Shoptet interface.
  • The presentation looks like an E-shop of products, not reflecting the professional services and personal approach.
  • The current presentation has no area dedicated to presenting the company’s values and personality.

The Goal

  • Creating a representative website with an emphasis on the topic of sound and premium products.
  • Putting emphasis on the Bestaudio services that put clients in the first place.
  • Presenting Bestaudio products and introducing the Bestaudio team.

Project management & Web Development


The Representative Website