UX & UI for PRAGER’S Kombucha

Duration: Dec 2022 – Feb 2022

Client: PRAGER’S

PRAGER’S Kombucha is a project under the brand of F.H. Prager dedicated to low-alcohol fermentation and tasty kombucha flavours. It aims to craft kombucha working with premium-quality tea and microbial cultures.


  • Wireframes
  • UX & UI Design

The Problem

  • PRAGER’S Kombucha is a new product on the market.
  • Kombucha is not a well-known product, many people don’t know anything about its health benefits.

The Goal

  • Creating a website reflecting PRAGER’S brand guidelines.
  • Educating users about the health benefits of kombucha.
  • Presenting PRAGER’S products and the magic behind the making.
Prager's Kombucha website
Prager's Kombucha website 404
Prager's Kombucha website features
PRAGER'S Kombucha mobile UI
PRAGER'S Kombucha mobile UI


Web Development