The Mensa Czechia Website Redesign

Duration: Feb 2022 – May 2022

Client: Mensa Czechia

Mensa is an international non-profit organisation that unites highly intelligent people. Mensa Czechia was established in 1991 and provides testing and services for adults and kids. This was the first-ever redesign necessary to make the website more accessible and responsive.

My Role

  • Research
  • Wireframes
  • UX & UI Design
New website for Mensa Czechia


  • The website was not responsible and the growing number of mobile users were not able to access the website on mobile devices.
  • The desktop version was cluttered with a lot of unnecessary information. Overall IA didn’t make sense. The users had to scroll through a lot of text to find the needed information.
  • Unreadable text on the website
  • The process of booking IQ testing (the main reason for visiting the website) was complicated.


  • Create a dynamic website that can be used on different devices
  • Make the text large enough for all devices.
  • Design intuitive flow for submitting an IQ testing form
  • Making text short and understandable
  • Improving IA in order to make the website more intuitive
  • Including responsive versions so that website can be used on different devices
  • Quick and intuitive navigation

New Mensa Website