Handbooks for victims of prejudicial violence

Duration: Oct 2023 – Dec 2023

Client: InIustitia

Handbook cover and the first page

I worked on layout design and simple illustrations for two handbooks. The first one informs victims of prejudicial violence about their rights. The second serves as a guide for police officers so that they know how to recognize different types of violence.


  • Layout design of 2 handbooks
collage of different ilustrations and layouts

The Problem

The victims of prejudicial violence are often unaware of their rights, or they don’t know where to get help.

Equally, the police officers are often not sure what are the signs of prejudice and how they should help the victims.

The Goal

Create a handbook that helps victims understand their rights and processes connected with getting help.

Provide comprehensive, easy-to-read guides for officers, so they recognize prejudice patterns and know how to help.

Examples of the different pages in the handbook
Graphical information for the victims of prejudicial violence
Cover of the victim handbook
Example of the handbook page with a rainbow illustration