Mensa Website Redesign

Mensa of the Czech Republic has a new website! Mensa is an international non-profit organisation that unites highly intelligent people. To help Mensa provide better services, it was necessary to make changes to the website, making it more accessible and responsive.

I created UX & UI design aiming to make the new website simple and intuitive. Therefore, I emphasised the important information by using CTA and highlighted blocks. Furthermore, I made sure the IA and the overall copy are short and easy to understand.


  • Research
  • UX & UI Design
  • Wireframes


  • Feb-May 2022


  • The website was not responsible and the growing number of mobile users was not able to access the website on mobile devices.
  • The desktop version was cluttered with a lot of unnecessary information. Overall IA didn’t make sense. The users had to scroll through a lot of text to find the information they needed.
  • The text on the website was quite small (10px).
  • The process of booking IQ testing (the main reason to visit the website) was complicated.


  • Create a dynamic website that can be used on different devices, while making sure the mobile version is not too long for people to scroll.
  • Take all the information on the website and see what texts are necessary for the users. Make sure texts are short, and to the point. All the unnecessary text was moved to the footer links.
  • Make the text large enough for all devices.
  • Make the process of finding the IQ testing form easy and accessible from different pages.

Target Audience

People interested in IQ testing

Mensa members and new members

Sponsors, partners and press

Key Challenges

  • Making text short and understandable
  • Improving IA in order to make the website more intuitive
  • Including responsive versions so that website can be used on different devices
  • Quick and intuitive navigation

Initial Design Concepts


New Mensa Website

Mensa homepage mockup
Mensa testing page mockup

Next steps

We will test the website in order to find new pain points to solve. The Mensa Czech Republic has a few thousand members, so we’ll have a lot of people who will provide feedback.