CBD Health Shop Branding

Coffee shop CBD for Health Shop brings a variety of CBD oil-enriched products to the citizens of Pilsen. The staff helps you find the right product for treating sleep disorders, and pain, reducing stress or helping you regenerate. They make great coffee as well!

There are many CBD brands & products on the global market. When thinking about the visuals for CBD Health Shop I wanted to come up with a style that looks safe and friendly.


— Logo System
— Typography & Color
— Brand Guidelines
— Social Templates
— Packaging & Print
— Website Design


CBD Health Shop symbol
CBD Health Shop logo

For the logo design, I decided to use a well-known shape of a cannabis leaf. I made the pointy parts soft to minimize the negativity and danger associated with cannabis. After all, CBD is a product that only brings you positive effects, unlike THC, which can have some negative side effects.

Typography & Color

Fraunces typography

For the type, I wanted to avoid using the sans serif typefaces – felt too cold. I chose a free typeface Fraunces. Its organic shapes made the designs more warm and friendly. In the same way, I wanted to support the organic aspect of CBD with colors. Therefore the CBD Health shop uses green color, mostly in combination with white, cream and black.


CBD packaging

Website design

Desktop and mobile device website design